Holly and Jake's Wonderful & Picturesque Wedding at Redwood Ranch, Three Rivers, CA

Congratulations Holly and Jake!

With Jake’s permission, here is the feedback about his wedding at Redwood Ranch :

Thank you so much for your help organizing and arranging our wedding! You were truly fantastic! 

Holly and I had such an amazing time and as soon as we have some decent photos we will send them your way.  Jose was absolutely wonderful and Andrew was incredibly kind. They were telling us you guys have weddings booked there almost every weekend! … Thank you again! We had such a great time. Also, I know you don't want to be a wedding coordinator, however, just so you know, both Holly and I think you have been wonderful to work with!

Please let us know if you need anything else from us or have any questions. 


Jake and Holly 

Thank you for being such great guests and for choosing us as your wedding venue! We loved having you and your joyful party.