So proud! We just received another 5 Star Review!!!

Thank you Elisha!

First let me tell you that I was not planning on doing our wedding for at least another year. As I was browsing online for potential venues, I don’t know how I came across Redwood Ranch Three Rivers since it was 5 hours from my tentative desired location. But let me tell you.... I saw the pictures and instantly fell in love. We literally expedited our wedding and only had 2 months until the big day. We wanted something intimate, simple, fun, amongst nature, and had more of a family-union vibe as opposed to the whole-shebang. I saw that Redwood Ranch was able to accommodate lodging and camping for us and our guests— so this was a huge plus because we had to drive out there. I contacted Andrew George and communication was top notch. He and I exchanged conversations on the phone and was able to have it all written down for me through email immediately. I had a lot of questions since I was not able to physically scout this place but he and I had discussions and he reassured and gave me many recommendations. We arrived there just when the sun was setting and I was in absolute awe of how beautiful Redwood Ranch is. It was clean, well kept, and the views was absolutely stunning. There were two kitchens in the barn, which made cooking so convenient. Everyone, including the children, had a lot of fun experiencing camping, sitting along the campfire, playing pool, walking the trail, waking up to the peacocks, seeing the cows, horses, and donkeys, dipping our feet in the water (it was Nov—so the water was cold), and taking photos in such a picturesque place. Literally, even the portapottys were so clean and pretty that my guests were taking pictures... I basically only really had one other vendor which was for chairs and tables and they were able to get to the barn safely. Jalene provided me with instructions to send them to ensure that they don’t get lost. She also emailed me before and during my stay to ask if we needed anything. It was very sweet. Jose, the caretaker, did a wonderful job showing my family around and was just a very pleasant and helpful man. He does a great job taking care of the property! We had a very simple wedding with minimal decor since we didn’t want to bring too much up there, but this place really did not need much—it is beautiful on its own. Our guests were all so pleasantly surprised and voiced out how much they enjoyed just being there. I can’t say enough about Redwood Ranch. I could only wish that we were able to stay longer... Thank you so much Redwood Ranch Three Rivers for the hospitality, the endless views, and perfect accommodation. My family and I have created so much unforgettable memories in our short time there. We would not want to get married anywhere else. I highly recommend booking a wedding here!

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