Redwood Ranch, Three Rivers, CA I Wedding Ceremony Sites: "Amazing, Secluded Weekend at Picturesque Location!"

Daniel & Justine's Romantic Wedding at Redwood Ranch, Three Rivers.

"We had a fabulous time in Three Rivers making the Ranch our secluded home for a long weekend! It was the perfect spot for our smallish, relaxed backyard wedding and easily hosted our family and friends the night before for the rehearsal dinner. The weather was excellent and the caretaker was responsive to our requests. The place is so incredibly picturesque, the hardest part about staying there was limiting the spots to take photos! Andrew, the owner, was on-hand nearby to recommend hiking spots and make sure everyone was satisfied with our stay. We had our reception at Ol' Buckaroo. If you're staying, you MUST eat at Ol' Buckaroo at least once before you leave town - their fried chicken is so good it turned the vegan in our group back into a carnivore! Obviously, you should also head into Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We'll be back!"

Justine's Review on The  Knot