Redwood Ranch Three Rivers, CA I Boho Sequoia Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

Take a trip to Redwood Ranch with The Eternal Child's wonderfully dreamy and poetic imagery.

"This past weekend I took 14 friends with me to a 190 acre ranch, tucked away in the foot hills of the Sequoia National Park.   We stayed for 3 days in a renovated barn that resides next to a bustling river and shared life with chickens, donkey's, horses and cows, peacocks, pups and the friendliest little kittens you've ever met.  I invited my friends to come escape to the country side with me to celebrate love, nature ad the coming of new age - my 30th birthday. I have been dreaming of organizing this kind of retreat since I can remember.  To come together with likeminded souls - to create and exist  under one roof and in such a beautiful place is simply perfect.    We began our mornings in a group with yoga and meditation, we explored the river and loved on the animals, we made flower crowns and played silly games.  We prepared food together and sat at a long table to enjoy it.  We lived together and bonded, and took away all of the distractions to just be present.  It was a beautiful thing.  I could have stayed forever... or at least a few more days."